i play on argent dawn EU on WoW so come find me! i play alliance and my main is mobia, although i also play on kawii and valentino 

omg today in philosophy me and Olivia were working and like out of nowhere she just looked up at me and went ‘do you have like a character that you love so much you don’t want anyone else to like them’ and i just stared at her and went ‘why aren’t we best friends’

someone entertain me pls

gggggggggggggggghhhhhhhh I have like 40 minutes left please dear god let me go

im so fucking bored sociology is boring im bored I’m too gay for this class

im sobbing some girl in philosophy is talking about avengers but my friend is like the Biggest Fan and this girl is just making up bullshit and my friend is just whispering angrily in my ear about how wrong she is this is hilarious

johnnythundah asked: Make a personal blog to post those kinda things?

I do, but people find all my personal blogs no matter what I do



suicidal thoughts from bakura while he sits in philosophy

i don’t even feel comfortable talking about certain things on my blog anymore which is unfair


Be as gay as possible and steal anything and everything your little gay hands can carry


parents: “u should be more active”
me: image

im cryin someone called me baku-chan that’s the cutest thing in the world omg

my entire life is just a constantly churning cycle of loneliness and boredom and more loneliness and a little bit more loneliness