this is the most relatable vine i’ve ever watched

this is why you don’t really rub a cats belly directly because it’s a cats vulnerable spot. same with how with snakes and rodents you need to be careful when having your hand above them because they think it’s a hawk or a bird of prey/predator


Feed the monster

i gotta go to bed, goodnight

i have college at 9am tomorrow at it’s already like 3am
pinches bridge of nose

GOD no im not letting myself lower to this I’m not

idk why im wasting my energy on a twerf. i ain’t putting myself through bad vibes for this

that lesbian post isn't cissexist; lesbians are same-SEX attracted. dicks don't enter into it.

did you send me a message here or did you literally just slam your head on the keyboard and click send because what you just said makes no sense

implying that lesbians only come with vagina / breasts is cissexist. end of story. trans girls who are lesbians are still lesbians. it does not matter if they have a penis. they are still 100% MORE than able to identify as a lesbian. 

Why I like being a lesbian.


  • Girls are so fucking sexy.
  • You can’t get pregnant even if you forget to take your pill.
  • If you want penetrative sex, you can still get it, but with a really awesome purple penis.
  • Boobs go ‘badoing’ and can amuse me for hours.
  • When they bite their lip…
  • You can both ‘wear the trouser’s’ and not make a guy feel emasculated.
  • A girl’s skin is always so soft.
  • Again, boobs.
  • And also, vaginas.
  • And just generally, girls are yummy.

this is really cissexist why are people i follow reblogging this without saying something


8-Bit ‘Friends’ by Antonia Heslop


"same sex marriage is unnatural!"