the AD auction house makes me so rich everyday because people are too lazy to farm stuff themselves

i dont draw anymore

people who claim that depression is the key to good writing or some shit is bullshit, depression didn’t let me write heart breaking poetry, it fucking crippled my mind and put an elastic band on it to the point that i couldn’t fucking describe a cup that was sat right in front of me

bionic-jaden asked: Wait, so if your parents named you Bakura, what did they name your sister?

they called her jade

apparently giving one kid an embarrassing anime name was enough for them

me: feels like shit all the time, constant dark thoughts, hates myself

me: never talks to anyone about it

me: finally tells someone how i feel



Trying to keep track of which of my mutuals hate each other like


Anonymous asked: I don't care who is selling what, building your own computer is way better. You can get a computer just as good as what people sell them for, for 1/2 the price

i’m not very smart thought i wouldn’t be able to build my own computer

who you are
are are you
you you you

can you imagine if you and your partner got this done but there was a miscommunication between you two and both of you just ended up getting ‘Lo’ so now your wrists say ‘Lol o’



My name is Rupert and I am a 16 year old transgender guy living in the UK.

I am in need of help to start my transition, as in my current situation my family are extremely unsupportive and transphobic; I am having to hide boxers, my family will not buy me men’s shirts because they don’t agree with them, and my chest binder has been taken away from me so that I cannot use it anymore.

I love drawing, and always have, and my partner suggested I start taking commissions in order to save up for anything that would help me feel more comfortable with my body, for example, men’s clothes, binders, and maybe even therapy.

I often draw characters from shows like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, etc. I don’t have a job at the moment and have no income, so every single bit of help is massive for me.

I can draw sketches, colour them, add backgrounds, make desktop wallpapers, draw pen studies etc, and examples of all of these are shown on my art blog, here.

Even if you can’t buy a drawing, or don’t know someone that might, please signal boost this post. I can’t tell you how grateful I would be.

Edit: I am going to college this September and my parents are getting increasingly more unsupportive. Because of this, I need the raise the money to get the bus to college myself, it’s a couple of pounds every day. I appreciate every signal boost this post gets, as my orders are drying up.

is there anyone who can help me out with computer specs… someone is selling a gaming computer set up and i dunno if its a good deal.. inbox me


my all time favorite thing anyone has ever said